Sunday, January 25, 2015

Taking a Glimpse at George Dailey and Julia Roccasalva

This is so my grandparents! You can see how relaxed they are. Here they are enjoying a day at Bantam Lake. Grandpa and Grandma Dailey were always felt a calming atmosphere around them. My best memories of them are sleeping over and going to feed the ducks with stale bread crumbs, or spending the day at Lake Compounce.

So here's a glimpse of who they are: 

George Hubert Dailey was born at home at 45 Orchard Street in Bristol, Connecticut on November 11, 1910 to George Edward Dailey and Beatrice Irene Gamache. George Edward was born in Connecticut, but Beatrice had immigrated with her family to Bristol from Quebec. George H. was the second child to George E. and Beatrice, and only had one sibling, an older sister. George H. died on January 12, 1997 in Bristol, Connecticut, while staying at a convalescent center. Dad's passing a few weeks earlier had been a toll on him. He had a hard time at dad's wake and refused to go to the funeral as he said he wasn't going to watch his "baby boy" be buried. After the wake he didn't do well and had to be admitted to the convalescent center. 

George and Julia were married on January 6, 1936 at St. Joseph's Church in Bristol, Connecticut. Irene Dailey, sister to the bridegroom, was the maid of honor, and Vincent Roccasalva, brother to the bride, was the best man. Following the ceremony a wedding breakfast was served to members of the immediate family at The Hotel Bond in Hartford, Connecticut. I haven't been able to confirm this, but I believe an uncle of Julia's was the chef at the hotel at this time. They would be residing at 223 North Main Street in Bristol upon their return from a wedding trip to New York City. 

Julia Rita Roccasalva was born on January 29, 1914 in Hartford, Connecticut to Raffaele Roccasalva and Rita Pellegrini. Both Raffaele and Rita emigrated from Italy to Hartford. They came separately, but met in Hartford. Raffaele was from Modica, Sicily and Rita from Florence. Julia was Rita's second child, but first with Raffaele. Raffaele would later adopt Rita's son, and they would have three more children together besides my grandmother. Julia died on March 16, 1990 in Bristol, Connecticut. She had had some health issues and had been in and out of the hospital for the previous eighteen months before passing. 


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