Thursday, January 22, 2015

Introducing My Dad: Albert Ralph Dailey

This is my first official post to my blog! I thought I would begin with introducing my dad. This is the earliest photo that I have of him. There is no writing on the photo so I am not sure where or when it was taken; but from my powers of deduction (HA HA) or better my memories. I believe this was taken at my father's grandparents house on Ward Street in Bristol. I recognize the house in the back as the neighbor's. Dad looks to be about eight months old. 

My dad was born, Albert Ralph Dailey, on November 7, 1938 in Bristol, Connecticut to George Hubert Dailey and Julia Rita Roccasalva. Dad was the second son born to George and Julia. The Daileys were living on the corner of North Main Street and Center Street when Albert was born. Today, that corner houses the Bristol Fire Department Headquarters. 

Here's a picture with his brother, Bob. Aren't they adorable? You will get to meet Bob in a future post.

Dad married my mom on March 3, 1961 in Bristol. They had five children. I am the fourth child and their third daughter. I am looking forward to sharing dad's life with you! Dad passed away on November 19, 1996. It was unexpected and I had been living out of state when he passed. I was very blessed to have had my last visit and memories of him be great ones. I had come home to Connecticut for a wedding and both mom and dad had driven me to the airport for my trip back home. My last contact with dad was a hug, a kiss, an I love you and a good-bye. Not knowing that would be my last time with him didn't matter, but years later I take comfort in knowing that I got to say that last "I love you." Not many have that opportunity when a death is unexpected. 

Here is the last photo that was taken of dad. It also happens to be the last one with his brother, Bob, taken at a family wedding. Dad is on the left. 


  1. Love your blog and can't wait to follow the stories

  2. That's a great picture of the two of them. Miss you dad.

  3. Looking forward to reading future posts.